Becoming a Vet Tech – Helpful Tips

There are some people who simply melt when they see animals or have their hearts broken when they encounter sick or injured animals. Do you care deeply enough to want to help? If you do care, the perfect way to help is to become a veterinary technician. As a career path, you could not have […]

The Requirements for Becoming a Vet Tech

It is no secret that Americans love their pets making them a part of the family from the day the pet comes home. From pet toys to clothes, food, houses and more, the pet industry in the U.S. is booming, with Americans spending approximately 41 billion dollars a year on their pets. A large part […]

Vet Tech Notes

Veterinary technicians work with animals providing medical care and other forms of assisted care. A love of animals is the number one requirement for the job. You need to be able to handle a variety of animals that are ill or injured for the most part, providing the right diagnosis and treatment. Veterinary technicians work […]

How to Write and Pass the Vet Tech Exam

You love animals passionately, had an entire menagerie all through life and are now looking for a career that will be enjoyable and rewarding! Great news – one of the most rewarding careers is that of a vet tech that requires a deep love of animals. Veterinary technicians work with trained veterinarians to provide a […]