Vet Tech

Vet Techs

For millions of people, the perfect career would be one that involves working with animals. While some of these people will push forward to become a veterinarian, most will not due to expense and years of education. However, for those who still want to pursue a career involving animals but without the high cost and […]

Veterinary Assistants

If you have a passion for animals and their well being, a challenging and exciting career as a skilled, compassionate veterinary assistant may be the perfect fit for you. What is a Veterinary Assistant? A veterinary assistant is trained to assist in the prevention and treatment of diseases in a variety of animals. While direct […]

Vet Tech Schools in Oregon

Obtaining a license to become a veterinary technician (vet tech) in Oregon is different in some respects from the process followed in many other states. There are three routes to obtaining certification as a vet tech in Oregon. You can: Complete a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology or a related field such as Zoology and […]