Vet Tech Schools in Utah

There are no licensing or certification programs for vet techs in the state of Utah.  However most people wanting to pursue a career as a vet tech in Utah arrange to achieve national certification from the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB).

In the absence of state certification many vet techs start off as veterinary assistants and then seek national vet tech certification.

To get a certificate from the AAVSB prospective vet techs must undertake and graduate from an approved 2 year veterinary technology degree.  Once students have completed this course they are eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE).

Once students have successfully passed the VTNE, they are deemed to be “certified” through the AAVSB, and can use that certification anywhere in the US, including Utah.

Getting national certification means that this qualification is transferable from state to state.  Some states, but not Utah will require vet techs to take a state exam or test in addition to the VTNE.  As long as the vet techs keep up with the continuing professional education requirements they will be able to retain the national AAVSB certificate.

To take the VTNE exam in Utah students must apply directly to the AAVSB to register for the exam.  The exam is administered in Utah by the Utah Career College in West Jordan, Utah.

Vet tech degree courses in Utah have to be accredited by the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA).  There are 3 campuses in Utah where an approved vet tech degree course is provided, all run by one university.

Broadview University

Broadview University was established  in 1977 and was originally known as the Bryman School. Initially it was situated in downtown Salt Lake City.  At the start it focused on medical assisting but has now broadened its curriculum to take on board other vocational disciplines.

Broadview offers Associate Degrees in Veterinary Technology in 3 campuses – Layton, Orem and West Jordan.  The AVMA accredited the courses in West Jordan in 2003, in Layton in 2009, and Orem in February 2011.

The campuses offer a 2 year full time course of training. The teaching covers  medical terminology, laboratory animal care, surgical assisting, radiology,  other veterinary clinical skills and veterinary office procedures, including the use of standard veterinary software.  In addition the courses provide more general education in mathematics,, natural sciences, especially chemistry and biology, social sciences and the humanities.

Towards the end of the training students take part in a supervised off-site externship within a veterinary practice so as to develop their hands-on skills and to get used to a standard veterinary working environment.

Throughout the training students work with lab and rescue animals so as to develop hands-on skills.

  • Details of the three campus sites are as follows:
Broadview University – Layton
Veterinary Technology Program
869 West Hill Field Road
Utah 84041
Broadview University – Orem
Veterinary Technology Program
898 North 1200 West
Utah 84058
Broadview University – West Jordan
Veterinary Technician Program
1902 West 7800 South
West Jordan,
Utah 84088


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