Vet Tech Schools in Indiana

You can qualify to get a license to practice as a veterinary technician (vet tech) in Indiana from an accredited vet tech school. Vet tech schools in Indiana have to be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

You are also required to have passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).  Once you have passed the VTNE you can apply to be registered by the Indiana Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Indiana law requires that vet techs be of good moral character. Using illegal substances, being drunk, or guilty of a crime will jeopardize your certification.

The AVMA has accredited 8 vet tech schools in Indiana.

Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College has 3 accredited colleges in Indiana.  The first Brown Mackie College was founded in 1892 in Kansas.  Since then it has expanded so that now it has colleges in 20 locations in 15 states.

Brown Mackie offers a vet tech associate degree course in 3 sites – Fort Wayne, Michigan City, and South Bend.

The degree is an Associate degree in Applied Science – Veterinary Technology.  Students cover the following range of competencies:

The ability to perform basic nursing skills and office procedures.  Topics for study include animal behavior, animal safety, veterinary law and ethics, examination of animals, grooming, drug administration, record keeping, animal diseases, nursing skills related to large and small animals, veterinary care, preparation for surgery and assistance in routine surgical procedures, pre-operative and post-operative care, the cleaning and maintenance of the operating and consultation rooms, laboratory procedures, the administration of anesthesia, and medical imaging, .

80% of students complete the course within the allotted 2 year period.  Others can take longer.

The college in Fort Wayne was first accredited by the AVMA in 2011, in South Bend in 2009 and in Michigan city in 2009

Brown Mackie College
Fort Wayne
3000 E Coliseum Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Brown Mackie College
Michigan City
1001 East US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
Brown Mackie College
South Bend
3454 Douglas Rd.
South Bend, IN 46635
Phone: 574-237-0774


Harrison College (formerly Indiana Business College) in Indianapolis

Harrison College was founded in 1902.  It was then and still is a family owned educational institution.  It offers on 3 campuses an Associate Degree in Applied Science – Veterinary Technology.

Its teaching covers the following areas of study:

“Physical veterinary examinations, nursing care, diagnostic laboratory tests and imaging, surgical nursing, assisting and anesthetist, in patient care and treatment, dental prophylactic cleaning and scaling, office management and client education.”

Harrison College was accredited by the AVMA in 2008.

Harrison College
School of Veterinary Technology
6300 Technology Center Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Purdue University in West Lafayette

Purdue University was first founded in 1874

Purdue offers both a two year Associate Degree in Applied Science – Veterinary Technology and a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Technology.  It also runs a distance learning course.

Prospective students must have achieved “C” grade or higher at college in chemistry math, English and Social Studies.

Purdue University
School of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Technology Program
West Lafayette, IN 47907

The Vet Tech Institute (International Business College)

The International Business College was founded in 1889.

The Vet Tech Institute within the College is situated in 2 sites, in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.  The Institute offers a 2 year course to obtain an Associate Degree in Applied Science – Veterinary Technology.

Its course covers: Clinical Medicine, fundamentals of chemistry, animal technology, veterinary terminology, mathematics, animal anatomy and physiology, clinical laboratory work, veterinary pharmacology, anesthesia, large animal theory, office procedures, radiography, and surgical nursing.  It also offers an externship to develop practical hands on skills.

The AVMA accredited the Fort Wayne course in 2007 and the Indianapolis course in 2008.

The Vet Tech Institute at International Business College at Fort Wayne
Veterinary Technology Program
5699 Coventry Lane
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
The Vet Tech Institute at International Business College – Indianapolis
Veterinary Technology Program
7205 Shadeland Station
Indianapolis, IN 46804


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